25 Ridiculously Shocking Punishments Handed Out By Authorities – #21 is Terrifying!

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. It’s a simple rule, but one that many budding criminals seem to forget. Often, it seems like jail just isn’t enough of a deterrent. Luckily, creative judges across the world keep coming up with strange, crazy, and very effective ways to punish offenders. So before you consider a career in law-breaking, try these punishments on for size first.

1. A Chicken Suit

Ever been embarrassed about those guys advertising in a sweaty animal suit? Spare a thought for three Painesville, Ohio residents who were caught trying to solicit a prostitute and were then forced to walk around in a chicken suit. They also carried around a sign which said “No Chicken Ranch in Painesville”, The Chicken ranch being a brothel in Nevada. Slightly suspicious that the judge knew what The Chicken Ranch was at all.

2. 20 Hours Of Classical Music

Busted for terrorizing (or entertaining) locals with super loud rap music, Andrew Vactor was given the chance by the judge to reduce his fine. How? By listening to classical music for 20 hours. He tried, and managed a whole 15 minutes before breaking down. Let’s be honest, it’s probably more than most of us could handle.

3. Leading A Donkey

It seems like the judge was a little bit bored when he considered the case of Brian Patrick and Jessica Lange, who had vandalized a Christmas nativity scene in their hometown. He ordered them to pull a donkey through the town and a “Sorry for the jackass offense” sign. Witty, but weird.

4. A Mandatory Vasectomy

Jessie Herald had seven children with six different women and a string of petty offenses when the judge finally decided enough was enough and ordered him to have a vasectomy. Which seems a little harsh, until you consider what kind of criminal family dynasty he could build if he kept on sowing his seeds.

5. Organizing A Picnic

After a bunch of high-schoolers roughed up an elementary school bus, the kids couldn’t go on their field trip anymore. Their punishment was simple: organize a substitute picnic for the children. No word on whether the high-schoolers regretted the act, or just became event planners.

6. Abandonment In The Woods

There’s almost nothing more monstrous than dumping newborn animals, as Michelle Murray found out after she left 35 kittens in a local park. Tragically, nine of the kittens died, but the prosecuting judge had a clever idea to punish her. He ordered Murray to spend a night in the park, cold and alone, so she would know what the kittens would have felt like.

7. Run-Down House Arrest

Dodgy developers across the world, be warned. Nicholas Dionisopoulos tried to get away with violations of several building codes with his properties, but it totally bit him on the ass. He was put under house arrest for half a year, and guess where he had to stay put? That’s right, in one of his own shonky creations.

8. Standing In A Kiddie Pool

Police and park rangers went on a county-wide manhunt when a couple caught with an unregistered raft claimed that it wasn’t theirs, and that the owners were missing. Of course, the owners of the raft turned out to be the couple themselves, trying to avoid punishment for going on a trip without correct safety equipment. Just made the punishment worse: they were ordered to stand in a wading pool and hand out pamphlets on water safety to the public.

9. An Embarrassing Yard Sign

In a perfect world, all criminals would have a sign in front of their house – at least you’d know what kind of neighborhood you’re moving into. That’s what happened to The Mireles, who stole a quarter of a million dollars. The judge forced them to put up a permanent yard sign, saying “The occupants of this residence, Daniel and Eloise Mireles, are convicted thieves.” Though you’ve got to feel sorry for any real estate agents trying to sell in the area.

10. Blindfolded

Biblical justice is rarely seen around these parts anymore, but the judge in this case is certainly trying to bring it back. He forced Jeremy Sherwood to put on a blindfold and hold up a sign saying “See no evil”, after he robbed an adult video store. We’ll admit we don’t quite see the connection, but it certainly sounds dramatic.

11. Holding Up A Street Corner Sign

We’d all love to punish the stupid drivers in our day-to-day commutes, and it seems like Judge Carr finally had had enough when Shena Hardin tried to drive around a bus by going up on the sidewalk. For her lunacy, she got a sign which said “Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus”, and was forced to stand at the corner holding it.

12. Free Pizza

In a case of highly customized punishment that just about tops the lot, a Buffalo pizza store owner convicted of tax cheating was forced to donate 624 pizzas – 12 a week for a year – to a local homeless mission. We wonder if the judge got a slice of the action.

13. 780 Postcards

That’s one postcard every week for 15 years, the punishment given to Andrew Gaudioso, a drunk driver who killed a young boy. He was ordered to send them to the boy’s parents so he wouldn’t forget what he had done. Although we’re not sure pictures of tropical islands would make bereaved parents feel any better.

14. Pepper Spray In The Face

Anybody know what being pepper sprayed feels like? Diamond Gaston’s victim certainly did, but at least they had the chance for revenge when the judge offered Diamond the choice between a month in jail or getting a taste of her own medicine. Diamond went for the spray, although it seems like the judge thought the threat was enough, and put water in the spray bottle instead.

15. Standing With A Pig

What’s with judges and animals? And what’s with the residents of Painesville? Here’s another weird punishment: a man from Painesville, Ohio, was forced to stand with a pig on the corner of a street, with a sign saying “This is not a police officer”. You can pretty much guess what he had done.

16. A Shaved Head

Doesn’t sound like much of a punishment, until you consider the offender was a teenage girl and that a bad haircut is almost social suicide. Kaytlen Lopan (isn’t that name punishment enough?) had bullied a 3-year-old at McDonalds by cutting off parts of her hair, so the judge reciprocated. Right there in the courtroom. Not sure if she had to sit through the salon chit-chat as well, or if that would be considered too cruel.

17. 24 Hours On The Streets

Stealing from the Salvation Army is pretty low at the best of times, and Nathan Smith pilfered an entire tin full of donated money. Luckily the judge knew just how to handle it: he was forced to spend a full 24 hours homeless. We hope it was winter.

18. Flowers, Birthday card, Red Lobster, Bowling

This simple sentence was doled out to a dirtbag who threatened his wife in an argument over (of all things) her birthday. At a loss for what to do to the man (we suppose castration’s a bit harsh), the judge asked the wife what she wanted out of the arrangement. Sounds like the judge needed some tips for his own love life.

19. Young Traffic School

Going to traffic school’s pretty common for teens and tweens, but this unlucky six-year-old has got to be one of the youngest to have to go. He got sent there by the judge for refusing to put on his seatbelt, which also earned his (no doubt frustrated) mother a ticket. Good to see the blame is being placed where it lies.

20. The Longest Walk

There’s the old cliché of walking a mile in their shoes, and then there’s this – walking 30 miles in your own. A judge ordered Victoria Bascom to walk the entire length of her cab ride (which was more than a marathon) after she was caught failing to pay the driver. Now that would give you some real empathy.

21. Living With Your Film Director

Celebrated director Richard Linklater made a film a couple of years back called Bernie, a fictionalized account of real-life funeral director Bernie Tiede, a normally sweet man who murdered an old lady. He must have had quite the effect on Linklater, who championed Bernie’s release from a life sentence when it was revealed Bernie had suffered from child abuse. He got released, but with one catch – he had to go and stay with Linklater. Apparently it turned out to be quite a happy arrangement.

22. Just Bread And water

After being found guilty of mistreating and neglecting her horses, Melissa Sweeney copped a fairly light (in our eyes, anyway) sentence of only 30 days in jail. The best part of it, though, was that for the first three days she was only allowed bread and water, like the horses she abused. All those in favor of the punishment, say “neigh”.

23. A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

If you never want to go to jail, there’s a simple solution: just be too tall for it. Although Jude Metcalf was convicted for a bunch of minor crimes, he was also 7 feet tall. After a short stint in the slammer the judge felt sorry for his cramped condition and ordered him to serve a six-month curfew at home, instead. The prison basketball team were very disappointed.

24. Seeing Dead People

When Jonathan Tarase almost caused a fatal car crash, the judge had an idea to make him learn his lesson forever. Tarase was ordered to visit a morgue, where he saw, up close, the bodies of several car crash victims. If that was us, we’d probably take up cycling.

25. A Job

Frivolous lawsuits are a cornerstone of the US judicial system, but a lot of people might reconsider if they went the way of this case in Spain. A 25-year-old took his own parents to court for refusing him an allowance, which backfired spectacularly. The judge not only threw out the case, but ordered the guy to go and get a job.

Terrible Haircuts That Were So Bad They Became ‘Say No More’ Memes.

Everyone deserves to spice up their hairstyle every once in a while. Coasting through life with the exact same haircut year after year is boring. Of course, when making such a big change to your physical appearance, you should go to a barber or hairstylist with skill and experience.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Let’s just say some of these hair “professionals” didn’t exactly meet their clients’ expectations. In fact, some hair cuts have turned out so bad that a trend of “say no more” memes erupted. Check out some of the worst and insane haircuts ever below.

#1. “I want a blend of Elvis and Mr Spock. Perfect.”

It must take a lot of hair product to keep the hair intact throughout the day.

"I want a blend of Elvis and Mr Spock. Perfect."

#2. Introducing, Princess Leia’s evil sister.

I wouldn’t be smiling if I were her… how does she even sleep with those things on the sides of her head?

Introducing, Princess Leia's evil sister.

#3. I’m at a loss for words…

I think I’ve been hypnotized by the spiral on top of his head.

I'm at a loss for words...

#4. He lives in a pineapple under the sea…

A part of me just wants to snip the green part of the hair off.

He lives in a pineapple under the sea...

#5. It appears that he took the scenic route.

Always the longer route but well worth it for all the beautiful visuals.

It appears that he took the scenic route.

#6. How does he even fit through doors?

Does he have to crouch down each time?

#7. It’s fashion, you wouldn’t understand.

It’s just another alternative to long hair extensions.

It's fashion, you wouldn't understand.

#8. Now someone is going to come in asking for a Bart Simpson.

It’s bound to happen, sooner or later. A new trend might have just started here.

Now someone is going to come in asking for a Bart Simpson.

#9. He’s never going to have to worry about losing one now.

This is a very smart and cost-effective decision.

He's never going to have to worry about losing one now.

#10. I have a tall caramel macchiato for Brad.

I love how there’s white outlining around the edges and facial hair as well.

I have a tall caramel macchiato for Brad.

#11. Whenever he showers, you can say that he’s hydroplaning.

I wonder what model car these tires are from.

Whenever he showers, you can say that he's hydroplaning.

#12. Not only can he see the haters coming…

He can arrest them too! Be careful around the guy with this haircut.

Not only can he see the haters coming...

#13. Unwrapped condom or planet Saturn?

Regardless of what it resembles, the next step here is simple: shave off all the hair.

Unwrapped condom or planet Saturn?

#14. It’s a frame for his face.

Now when you print out photos of him, no frames are required.

It's a frame for his face.

#15. Goku finally obtained super Saiyan six.

No one is a bigger fan of Dragon Ball Z than this guy, I know who he’s dressing up as for Comic Con.

Goku finally obtained super Saiyan six.

#16. I call this one the “Last Haircut.”

In reference to the “Last Supper” but also because this should be the last haircut he ever gets from this barber.

I call this one the "Last Haircut."

#17. There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s but there’s a wrong way to cut hair.

And apparently a wrong way to style it as well.

There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's but there's a wrong way to cut hair.

#18. Yeah and I heard his mind stinks.

But seriously… what made this man think it was ok to go out in public with this hair?

Yeah and I heard his mind stinks.

#19. His haircut makes him look unreal.

He looks like a man-made robot or lego man.

His haircut makes him look unreal.

#20. If he stands out in the sun for too long, it’ll be cooked to medium.

Or even overly done if he’s not careful. Nobody likes burnt meat.

If he stands out in the sun for too long, it'll be cooked to medium.

#21. At least she’ll save a lot of money on headware.

That must be a pain to maintain though.

#22. Every time his girl looks at him, it’ll be like fireworks all over again.

If that ain’t romance, I don’t know what is.

Every time his girl looks at him, it'll be like fireworks all over again.

#23. This strawberry doesn’t look fresh at all.

It looks like we’ll be returning some strawberries to the grocery store today.

This strawberry doesn't look fresh at all.

#24. I want to make a joke about this, but I just can’t deny the barber skills here.

Although the look is questionable, that gradient is on point.

I want to make a joke about this, but I just can't deny the barber skills here.

#25. Legend has it, you can still scan his barcode to this day.

But what happens after you scan the barcode is the real question here.

Legend has it, you can still scan his barcode to this day.

49 Of The Best Crazy Girlfriend Meme Or Overly Attached Girlfriend Memes

crazy girlfriend meme efat

I can’t believe I forgot all about the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme! Or how come call it the crazy girlfriend meme.This is a classic meme that will live in the magical world of the internet long after we’re all dead and the robots take over the world.

What’s so wonderful about this meme is that it’s so relatable. Everybody knows at least one girl who is obsessively attached to her boyfriend.Just about every girl has had a guy friend with an overly attached girlfriend that acts totally insane when he talks to his female friends.

This meme actually originated from a youtube video posted by YouTuber Laina that went viral. The video was a parody of a Justin Beiber song called “Boyfriend.”
She changed the lyrics to “If I was your girlfriend / I’d never let you leave / without a small recording device / taped under your sleeve …” A much creepier version.

Ever since she has gone down in history as the Overly Attached Girlfriend. And if you’ve ever watched her youtube channel you’d know she’s actually pretty cool when she’s not in character.

So let’s celebrate this meme. Take a look at this collection of the crazy girlfriend meme or Overly Attached Girlfriend. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

1. The crazy girlfriend meme or the overly attached girlfriend meme exploded on the internet

crazy girlfriend meme (1)

2. Where were you?!!

crazy girlfriend meme 2 (1)

3. I don’t care she’s your sister! I don’t trust her

overly attached girlfriend meme 3 (1)

4. So don’t think about it if you have nothing to hide

overly attached girlfriend meme 4 (1)

5. Crazy girlfriend meme at it’s best

overly attached girlfriend meme 5 (1)

6. Obviously

overly attached girlfriend meme 6 (1)

7. Because no one should have you but me

overly attached girlfriend meme 7 (1)

8. Never do that again love, i don’t like it

overly attached girlfriend meme 8 (1)

9. And why do you say you love her so much!!

overly attached girlfriend meme 9 (1)

10. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to have one

overly attached girlfriend meme 10 (1)

11. So i can still hear everything that’s going on

overly attached girlfriend meme 11 (1)

12. You need to tell me every minute, otherwise we’re over

overly attached girlfriend meme 12 (1)

13. I save, i save everything you own

insane girlfriend meme 13 (1)

14. What?

insane girlfriend meme 14 (1)

15. I don’t care i want everything you have

insane girlfriend meme 15 (1)

16. And i watched it all night long

insane girlfriend meme 16 (1)

17. Marrying you is what i need

insane girlfriend meme 17 (1)

18. This is gross girl!

insane girlfriend meme 18 (1)

19. And the guy tries to escape but no one finds him ever since

insane girlfriend meme 19 (1)

20. It also told me you liked that girl beverly post. What’s that about?!

insane girlfriend meme 20 (1)

21. I should be in all your photos

insane girlfriend meme 21 (1)

22. I love listening to you breath

insane girlfriend meme 22 (1)

23. Don’t blink! I don’t like it

famous girlfriend meme 23 (1)

24. I should make you happy all the time, every day!

famous girlfriend meme 24 (1)

25. You don’t need games, you have me

famous girlfriend meme 25 (1)

26. So i can remain near you all the time

famous girlfriend meme 26 (1)

27. I need your phone to be on me at all time – says crazy girlfriend

famous girlfriend meme 27 (1)

28. I know you don’t like it, so it’s gone

famous girlfriend meme 28 (1)

29. And why wasn’t i there? I don’t care we didn’t knew each other yet!!

famous girlfriend meme 29 (1)

30. I could be one of the guys, what ever you want babe

famous girlfriend meme 30 (1)

31. You should not have any friends!

famous girlfriend meme 31 (1)


famous girlfriend meme 32 (1)

33. I like this idea

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 33 (1)

34. You can’t get rid of me lover

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 34 (1)

35. So i can stop by anytime you want ( i want )

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 35 (1)

36. You don’t need any other people.

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 36 (1)

37. Now we can see each other all day every day

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 37 (1)

38. Surprise!!

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 38 (1)

39. I don’t care it’s a game. They all want you

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 39 (1)

40. You know, just to say hi

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 40 (1)

41. If you want porn, i’ll give you porn

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 41 (1)

42. Cause i need you in my life forever

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 42 (1)

43. There’s no she in your life! Only me!!

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 43 (1)

44. They hate you back by the way

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 44 (1)

45. And i’m going to kill her soon

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 45 (1)

46. I do it every day, no biggs

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 46 (1)

47. I also did it on your boxers because you know

Overly crazed girlfriend meme 47 (1)

48. Because you need to watch me all the time

crazy girlfriend meme 48 (1)

49. These things are not for us baby

crazy girlfriend meme 49 (1)

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This Folding “House” Fits In Your Pocket

Think your apartment is small? Well, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for your living space once you see this tiny self-inflating home. And when we say tiny, we really mean tiny, because believe it or not, this house will actually fold up and fit into your pocket!

It’s called The Basic House, and it’s designed by Martin Azua, A Basque designer based in Barcelona. It’s made from a clever material that traps heat during colder temperatures while keeping the interior cool during hotter weather, and all you have to do to construct it is to shake it until it fills with air. As Martin writes on his website, the basic cube is “ideal for a life on the move without material ties. Having everything without having almost anything. Basic Home is not a product, rather a concept of extreme reduction.”

More info: Martin Azua

56-Year-Old Woman Proves You Can Be Sexy No Matter How Old You Are (NSFW)

Meet Texas native Julie H., also known as The Burning Lotus – a 56-year-old model who has been taking provocative pictures of herself for a while now.

“I posted my images initially as a dare to myself ― again, an affirmation of existence,” Julie said. But after posting a side picture of herself holding up her black bra, Julie became pretty popular online. “The ‘senior ink’ image caught fire in a random way that still confuses and overwhelms me,” she said. Ever since Julie’s Tumblr audience has been growing and she now has over 92k followers that admire her and the way she portrays herself. She was even voted #3 in Bored Panda’s list of tattooed elderly people. A woman can be sexy no matter what her age is, and Julie definitely proves so! You can see Julie’s photos below.

Meet Texas native Julie H, aka ‘The Burning Lotus’

She’s a 56-year-old model who has been taking provocative pictures of herself for a while now

“I posted my images initially as a dare to myself ― again, an affirmation of existence,” Julie said

But after posting a side picture of herself holding up her black bra, Julie became pretty popular online

“Men and women of ALL ages (18 to 80)…tell me that I give them hope and happiness that sexy lives on as long as you own it”

“I bring them hope about the aging process and/or they are no longer frightened about growing old. They admire my courage”

“I simply see the human body as an amazing machine with many moving parts. And parts is parts”

“Society assigns value and stigma on what is acceptable and what isn’t”

“Confidence is primal and raw. Let that shit OUT. Life is too short to play it halfway”

“Work on being a better person and love fully. And don’t be afraid to be perfectly imperfect”