Have you ever heard of A stick insect ? Well… now you do !

china sometimes seem like it’s a country from another planet with all the amazing and exotic finds we keep discovering everyday. Today is no exception as we’re talking about the stick insect aka the world’s longest insect.

stick insect measuring 62.4 centimetres

Measuring 62.4 centimetres, the stick insect is by far the longest bug that we know of so far. it might look a bit scary as you can see but it’s a really harmless creature.

If you see it in the wild I bet you won’t recognize it as a living thing. I’m sure you’d think of it as just another tree branch just laying around lifeless !

Yet life always find a way to adapt, although we have few information about the history of this insect yet we can conclude that it developed a distinguish  method in surviving which is simply pretending to be a Stick!

We know so little about our planet sometimes I wonder what’s gonna be the next discovery !



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