Random facts vol:5

It’s illegal in Saudi Arabia for men to work in lingerie shops.

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The African grey parrot Alex was said to have the intelligence of a human 5-year-old.

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Research shows that, for luxury brands, the ruder the sales staff, the higher the sales.

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In A.D. 77, Pliny the Elder, an adviser to Roman emperors and the author of at least 75 books, published the first encyclopedia, Natural History.

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In 2012, the New Zealand government took legal action to prevent a couple calling their child “Anal.”

Piranha soup is a popular aphrodisiac in Brazil.

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The IKEA store on “Calle Me Falta un Tornillo” (“I’ve Got a Screw Loose Street”) in Valladolid, Spain, is hard to find because people keep stealing the street signs.

The first chewing gum made by William Wrigley Jr (in 1892) was given away free with his baking powder.

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The trap-jaw ant has the fastest bite in the world: its jaws close 2,300 times faster than a blink of an eye.

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The man who invented the water bed was unable to patent it because it had already appeared in science-fiction novels.

The world has 2 earthquakes every minute.

Almost 1,600 Saturns could fit inside the Sun.

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Bears do not urinate while they hibernate. Their bodies convert urine into protein and use it as food.

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The British submarine HMS Artfulcan stay submerged for 25 yearswithout having to surface for air.

All telephone service in the US and Canada was silenced for one minute on August 4th, 1922 to mark the funeral of Alexander Graham Bell.

The 1950s sleeping pill thalidomide, which caused 10,000 babies to be born with severe deformities, was tested safely on animals prior to its commercial release.

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American women use an average of 12 personal care products per day, so the US Food and Drug Administration endorses the use of animal tests on cosmetics to “assure the safety of a product or ingredient.”

Gambling in Finland is controlled by the government and all of the profits go to charity.

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