Random History Facts: The Ancient Greece

Random History Facts: The Ancient GreeceRandom History Facts About The Greek Culture:

Ancient Greece is one of the greatest civilisations. The Greatest philosophers in history are Greek. Democracy is Greek. Many aspects of our present western culture are rooted in ancient Greece.

During the forth and fifth centuries BC the Greek culture witnessed an unprecedented development. It was considered the world’s knowledge capital. In fact, the Greek culture had so much influence on the Roman Empire, we could see evidence present in our modern western culture.

The Greek democracy is the first in the world, only lasted 185 years ! Shocking right !

Random History Facts: The Ancient Greece

While we’re on the subject, 60-80% of Athene’s population were SLAVES !

While being the world’s most educated nation, during the forth and fifths centuries BC, Greece was also the world’s strongest economy.

The ancient Greeks work-out NAKED.

Ancient Greek’s boys attended school at the age of seven, and if they lived in Sparta they’d be deployed to barracks.

Ok buckle up, random history facts are about to get weird :A huge part of of the wealthy Greek teenage boy was education, which consists of and elderly mentor. At times, may have included some twisted, messed up (for us now at least) sexual relationship.

Random History Facts: The Ancient Greece

Mastrubation in ancient Greece was considered normal and healthy, in fact it was

In ancient Greece free time was describe by the word “school”. And the word idiot meant anyone whose not a politician.

All the mathematics discoveries of the ancient Greek are still being used today.



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