Random Facts Vol 6

King Leopold II of Belgium was responsible for an estimated 10 million deaths in the Congo.

The seven sins in line with Gandhi: “Wealth without work. Delight with out judgment of right and wrong. Expertise with out man or woman. Trade with out morality. Technological know-how with out humanity. Faith with out sacrifice. Politics without principle.”

Einstein, Freud, Henry Kissinger and Sergey Brin, co-founding father of Google, have been all refugees.

From 2011 to 2014, the U.S. Abortion rate dropped with the aid of 12% due to a decrease in accidental pregnancies and an boom in contraceptive use.

LSD trips ultimate a long term because a mobile’s serotonin receptor locks the LSD molecule into region by protecting it, almost like a lid.

Flamethrowers are legal in 49 united states of americastates.

The phrase “profane” comes from the Latin “profanus,” which means “outside the temple”.

Inside the Nineteen Sixties, “internet” changed into the emblem call for a transistor radio.

“Tampon” is a French word for plug.

In 2013, a scientist injected human brain cells right into a mouse mind, which progressed the mouse’s reminiscence and capability to examine.

Hawaiian airways lets you travel with a ten lbs box of Pineapples or Papaya for free on any flight leaving Hawaii.

Cayo Blanco del Sur, a tiny island off the coast of Cuba, may additionally nevertheless technically belong to East Germany, which doesn’t even exist anymore.

In chinese language, the word for laptop actually translates to ‘electric brain’..

The first actual text message was sent in 1992.
Internal speech can clock in at 4,000 phrases per minute, 10X quicker than verbal speech.

Shark assaults are more not unusual in Florida then voter fraud.

Singer Demi Lovato pursued her schooling through home-education, after being a victim of bullying.

Mexico is the united states’ 1/3-biggest trade accomplice, accounting for $1.5 billion in bilateral trade throughout its border on any given day.


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