Bizarre Random Fun Facts that will blow your mind

red head hotty
Fun facts

We all like some random fun facts that adds a sense of wonder to our life. Here’s a bunch of carefully picked joyful facts to brighten up your day.

Old woem on bus stop

Did you know that in Germany there’s fake bus stops just to prevent elderlies from wondering around in case they get lost.

Pinocchio feeling bad for what he've done


Unlike the Disney Version,  in the book Pinocchio imprisons his make for three years, kills the cricket, kills a snake by making it laugh to hard and turns into a donkey. Oh and he bits off a cats hand ! Not what you’d expect from a compulsive liar.


Drunk Act

The cat’s kidneys are so efficient, they can rehydrate while drinking seawater.

Evil Cat

While we’re in the subject, did you know that cats only meow to communicate with humans (Probably they use telepathy to communicate with the each other ).

red head hotty

According to Nat-Geo by 2060 red-heads could become extinct.

Dead man alive

Dead man alive

In 2010 a man thought to be the oldest alive turns out to be dead for 30 years ! (Full Story)

Tall Tree

Some where in northern California, lays the tallest tree in the world (115.61). But it’s location is only known by few selected scientist.

Climate change is no joke. While many still in denial, Australians take the issue seriously as 90% of the population already admit that it’s already effecting their lives.


Another quick fun facts : Elvis has a whole planet named after him: “17059 Elvis”.

The Catholic church banned The Da Vinci Code book as it thought of it as offensive to Christianity!


The next fun facts about Evolution: Evolution plays a great part of in our daily lives. For example shyness is considered and evolutionary adaptation as the braves get laid more often, the shy survive longer by avoiding predators.

Our brain starts to decline at the age of 24.

The university of Glasgow offers a homer Simpsons  philosophy course.